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New music coming up

Lots of new music coming out next months, all of it made with my buddy M-JO.


Next Friday my new single Follow You Down is coming out! Pre-save the track here.

It's a hard rocking indie banger, with a heroic guitar solo of M-JO at the end. We produced the track in his living room in Amsterdam, just like the rest of the album.

The full album Paint The Town will come out on July 9... stoked! I'll present the album in my studio's theater Pianino (The Hague) on that day. Will keep y'all posted of course!

All my music is coming out at friendly neighbourhood indielabel King Forward Records ♥️🙏🏽

The songs that I'm bringing out in the coming months have all been coproduced by my friend and indie-hero M-JO, check his stuff out 🔥

Especially check out M-JO's latest release Show Me A Dream, which I mastered for him! It came out this week.

That was fun to do, we did it all over multiple Zoom calls. The album consists of some hidden gems he found tucked away on an external HD.

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