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Ro Halfhide press photo
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Ro Halfhide (2021)

Ro Halfhide seeks and finds through his music. Brought into the world alone, but also a fusion of two cultures, Ro travels through life in search of connection. As for many of us, happiness comes from connection between people. The central theme in Ro's music is that no matter who you are, you belong. Ro's music recharges people, gives hope and connects. Get carried away by pop songs with a soul. Songs that tell about real life, the highs and lows, with lyrics and melodies that speak directly to your heart.

Ro Halfhide is a singer-songwriter and producer from Amsterdam who sings in the tradition of Paul Simon and Ben Harper. He has played in 2008 at the Eurosonic Noorderslag Festival, and in the beginning of 2009 he played together with rappers Typhoon and Blaxtar.

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Halfhide loves to produce and is co-founder of the Amsterdam Songwriters Guild (ASG). Doing this, he played a huge part in the present success of the singer-songwriter within the Dutch club and festival circuit. Halfhide is a producer of Lucky Fonz III, and he also produced most albums of Case Mayfield, including ‘Another Glorious Battle For The Kingdom’ (2014).

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Dust My Broom (Trad.)

In Spring 2011, Ro Halfhide featured on the first installment of the Traditionals album, containing music of Tim Knol, Anne Soldaat, Maurits Westerik, Bertolf and others.

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Ro has been on national TV numerous times, mostly supporting acts like Case Mayfield, Lucky Fonz III.

Last year with his band for mentally handicapped people Wimpie & de Domino's, Ro Halfhide endeavored on a televised tour to France. Many famous Dutch artists joined the program, including Kenny B and Nick & Simon.

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The first album that came out is the mixtape #MalaysiaStyle (2011), completely written and produced in a week in Malaysia.

Ro Halfhide’s full debut album ‘Louise’ came out on October 24 of 2011. This album contains - in Halfhide’s own words - “songs that were dragged out of my soul, and through my dreams hit the surface”.

In 2012 Ro started an electropop duo with Luke Nyman, dubbed Elect.ROLUX. They made an EP in 2013, Election Day. A compilation of electronic solo songs came out in 2016 as an EP: Alone In My EP.

In 2020 Ro Halfhide joined friendly neighbourhood indielabel King Forward Records. In the summer, the first single for the label came out: Poisoning Of My Heart / Are We Good? On October 23 the second single came out, with on the A side the Black Lives Matter inspired anthem We Want It. Here the artist will exhibit a more electronic side, including a feature of Boston based singer Shanell Alyssa. All proceeds of the single will go to the Dipsaus podcast, which is made by and for Women of Color. A full album with new indie songs is coming out on July 9, 2021.

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#Malaysiastyle - EP (2011)

Louise - LP (2011) 

In A Cabin With… Traditionals (2011) 

Election Day - EP (2013)

Alone In My EP (2016) 

Singles (from 2017), see

  • Solo voel ik mij zo koud

  • Pirate's Dirge (Oh oh oh)

  • To My Soul

  • You Bring Me Home

  • Tonight

  • Love Is, Pt. 1

  • Love Is, Pt. 2

  • Love Is Fleeting

Via King Forward Records:

Poisoning Of My Heart / Are We Good? - Single (Summer 2020)

We Want It / Carry On - Single (Fall 2020)

Follow You Down (Spring 2021)

Hey Hey (Summer 2021)

Paint The Town (single) (Summer 2021)

Paint The Town (album) (July 9, 2021)

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