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New song: Evening Sun

Introducing "Evening Sun" - a heartfelt anthem for the grieving. Through its melodies, this song invites listeners to confront their emotions, offering a companion in moments of solitude and reflection.

In "Evening Sun," we strip away the pretense and invite you to sit with your feelings, embracing the bittersweet journey of healing. As the sun sets on another day, this song serves as a reminder that amidst the darkness, there is still beauty to be found.

The verses of "Evening Sun" paint a picture of the tumultuous waves of grief. "The waist gets down in the middle, Someway I get drowned in the flood. My brain can’t answer this riddle, The pain is there in case I forgot." These words encapsulate the overwhelming nature of loss, where sorrow threatens to engulf us, leaving us grappling for understanding amidst the chaos. They serve as a poignant reminder that even in moments of confusion and despair, the pain of loss remains a constant, unwavering presence, ensuring that the memory of our loved ones never fades into oblivion.

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