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2nd Single coming up on Friday: 'Hey Hey'

Coming Friday my new single 'Hey Hey' comes out. Please pre-save by clicking here.

This is the 2nd song from the forthcoming album 'Paint The Town', coming out on July 9... stoked!

Some sweet words of my label King Forward Records: "If you have children, be warned. 'Hey Hey' will soon be on repeat ad infinitum. Ro Halfhide’s producer M-JO urged him to record an acoustic rural folk road movie rendition of this song. Ro had originally recorded and released the track as an electropop single in 2016, but truth be told: this version is even more memorable."

Here's the original version:

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Erg lekker Ro!

Ro Halfhide
Ro Halfhide
May 31, 2021
Replying to

thanks man! 😎

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