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They were only laughing

After many weeks of watching the genocide in Palestine, I decided to write a song about it. I want the bloodshed and oppression of the Palestinian people to stop.

"Freedom, from the River to the Sea!"

Disclaimer: this is by no means a call for a reverse genocide on the people currently living in Israel.

I don't have a solution, although I think there is one out there. I'm not in a position to tell anybody how to solve it. But I do have an opinion on freedom. And I believe none of us can be free, unless all are free.

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Out Now

Paint The Town’ is the second full album that Ro Halfhide brought out. The first (‘Louise’) came out in 2011. Ro brought out a lot of singles and some EPs in the meantime. On this album he works together with the Amsterdam Lo-Fi indie pop icon M-JO (Mark de Jonge). Together they were the backing band of singer-songwriter Lucky Fonz III. Mostly recorded in the living room of Mark, this album shows the indie pop side of Ro Halfhide. The album is also an ultimate expression of the deep connection Mark en Ro feel for each other.

Have a listen below!

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Ro Halfhide seeks and finds through his music. Brought into the world alone, but also a fusion of two cultures, Ro travels through life in search of connection. As for many of us, happiness comes from connection between people. The central theme in Ro's music is that no matter who you are, you belong. Ro's music recharges people, gives hope and connects. Get carried away by pop songs with a soul. Songs that tell about real life, the highs and lows, with lyrics and melodies that speak directly to your heart.

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